A-WAVE PER 3500 500 5000 7000 VIPER

Replaces the Spectra Physics® or 3D Systems® lasers currently in use. Minimum hardware changes, no changes to the SW code. Automatic functions with power modulation. Faster and more efficient fast-shutter function. Transparent use for the operator. Field tested, CE Approved.


Through the greater power available, the A-Wave series allows you to maximize the productivity of SLA® systems, especially with materials that require high levels of exposure, such as Somos® ProtoGen, Somos® NeXt,Somos® NanoTool.


Excellent beam quality. Patented high stability wavelength conversion system. Minimizes downtime. High quality updated components. Up to 700 mW of power in the vat. Modulated directly by the control software. Field-replaceable diode. Laser head in sealed unit. Excellent beam emission, power stability and build parts surface quality.


Installs in one day with minimal hardware changes. Integrated within the system without external components thanks to its compact design. No need for cooling chiller or additional external devices. Field-replaceable diode. Laser head in sealed unit.

  • SLA 250 Power Supply
  • SLA 250 Power Supply

Requires no changes to processing styles or parameters. Fully tested on materials. Does not alter the properties of the vat or the produced parts. Lower consumption, lower heat dissipation, air-cooled, increases UPS autonomy, easy to maintain. Switching on and off are managed by the software, as well as the power modulation as a function of the material and build styles.


A-Wave UV/355 nm series lasers by Advanced Optowave Corporation are designed for 24/7 production environments. Their reliability is demonstrated by the many installations in industrial sectors such as electronics, PCB manufacturing and solar panels.


A-Wave Laser Brochure



VAT Power = 100 mW min.
Spot Size   = 0,075/0,250 mm Diam.

A-WAVE 350 3500

VAT Power = 400 mW min.
Spot Size   = 0,250 mm Diam.

A-WAVE 500 5000

VAT Power = 600 mW min.
Spot Size   = 0,250 mm Diam.

A-WAVE 7000

VAT Power = 700 mW min.
Spot Size   = 0,250/0,750 mm Diam.


Increased stability due to patented wavelength conversion system and compact design.

Increased productivity, especially for charged materials. Maximizes system scanning speed up to 100% !!.

Does not damage the crystals and avoids maintenance and loss of quality.A-Wave comes with a one year warranty at unlimited hours.Under a special contract, it is also possible to extend the warranty up to an additional two years.Designed with updated components, reduces the costs associated with the replacement of critical parts such as the diode. Does not require cooling chiller.

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