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The A-Wave 250 series is the ideal solution for using latest generation materials. With 70 mW in the vat and the ability to modulate the power depending on the type of material. Does not require cooling chiller, all components of the unit are easily located within the system. Laser control is completely managed by the control software.

A-Wave UV/355 nm series lasers by Advanced Optowave Corporation are designed for 24/7 production environments. Their reliability is demonstrated by the many installations in various industrial sectors.

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New materials are being developed continuously to improve the characteristics and performance of the models.
Key Service is able to offer the best materials available on the market for SLA ® and SLS ® to increase the quality of your products and improve the efficiency of your systems.

Contact us and we will be able to indicate the best and most appropriate solutions within our offer to meet your needs.



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For SLA® 500,5000 and 7000 full and half vat.
Temperature maintained by a PID controller with independent probe.
The vat can thus be heated externally to the system to reduce resin heating time during resin swap.

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Power is also independent of the SLA®. This permits connection to an unprotected line, increasing UPS autonomy. Quality of parts improved through elimination of internal vibrations generated by current hot air convection heaters *.


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Semi-automatic washing system. Permits the washing of stereolithography details using any solvent.
Pneumatic operation with no electrical parts.
Stainless steel construction.Double clean/dirty wash cycle.

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Brush and gun with solvent feed for easy washing.Ready for fume extraction.Field-tested.Wash vat dimensions: 600x500x400 mm.CE Approved.

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